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Emergency Codes

Hospital Emergencies


Code Blue: Life threatening situation; stay clear of area unless you are part of the Code Blue Team.

Fire (formerly Code Red):Use R.A.C.E. & P.A.S.S.

Rescue (remove anyone in immediate danger) 
Alarm (Dial 6 for the Operator) 
Confine (Shut doors to help control the spread of the fire) 
Extinguish (if fire is no larger than a trashcan, use P.A.S.S. to extinguish)

Pull the pin 
Aim the nozzle 
Squeeze the handle
Sweep at the base of the fire

Security Alert (formerly Code White):  Security assistance needed immediately.  DO NOT respond to the area.  

Active Shooter

Elopement (formerly Code Green):  Adult patient is missing from unit;  Notify the operator if you locate a patient matching the description.  

Amber Alert
Missing pediatric patient. Go immediately to the nearest exit or stairwell (open the door to observe both the stairwell and the hallway.  Advise patients and visitors of the situation and ask them to remain in the building until the issue is resolved.  Ask to see in any bags, coats, or anything that could conceal a child.  Some may attempt to leave anyway.  DO NOT attempt to restrain anyone.  Get a detailed description of person/vehicle and give to the police.   

Severe Weather (Thunderstorm and Tornado Watch/Warning)
A watch is a level of preparedness.  Think about what your responsibilities are if the watch escalates to a warning and have a count of staff and patients in your area.  Warning requires action.  For a Tornado, that would include moving patients, visitors, and staff to safe areas.  Review your department-specific plans for instructions.

Additional Information

Workplace Violence
Workplace violence is any act or treatment of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening, disruptive behavior that occurs at work.  It ranges from threats and verbal abuse to physical assaults.  It can affect and involve employees, patients, and visitors.   Report any instances immediately to your supervisor or HR and complete the yellow event report form.   

Hazardous Materials
Do not attempt to clean up a chemical spill.  Evacuate the area if there are fumes.  To access Safety Data Sheets – go to the Employee Portal, click on the red SDS link, type the name or other identifying information of the product into the search field. Contact the Operator ASAP. They will notify the appropriate personnel.

Dr. Major:  Any emergency or disaster (man-made or natural) that overwhelms the hospital’s resources. Review your department-specific plans.  

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